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We offer a range of handcrafted pizza peels made with pizza makers in mind. Our peels are all made from 100% hardwood and never have any stains or dyes added.

Our pizza peels come in walnut and maple (other woods available upon request) and in a variety of sizes that will fit the smallest backyard ovens up to professional woodfired pizza ovens.

We also offer personalization on all of our peels. You can choose from one of our preselected designs or shoot us an email at to discuss a custom design idea.


Do you make custom sizes/include a hole in the handle/make peels from different woods?
Of course! We've made peels from a number of woods over the years in a huge range of sizes. Our longest pizza peel to date was over 5 feet and the largest peel had a 24" x 24" working surface! If you are looking for something unique or just want to add a hole at the end of the handle so you can hang the peel on the wall just shoot us a message at

How do I clean my pizza peel?
First and foremost, never put your pizza peel in the dishwasher! This will cause it to badly warp and crack almost immediately. I give my peels a quick spray with warm water then immediately dry them with a kitchen towel. It is important not to soak the peels in water as this can also lead to warping and cracking.

How should I maintain my peel?
Depending on how much you use your peel you'll want to occasionally apply some wood butter or cutting board oil to the peel. Wood butter is a mix of wax and oil and can be rubbed on to your kitchen utensils and wiped off with a rag. The oil and wax penetrates the wood, gives it a nice shine, and helps prevent water from soaking into the wood.

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